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⚡️ The main thing from the President’s address

➡️ Today we had a very active diplomatic day, events for Ukraine at all levels – the highest, governmental, parliamentary.

➡️ In the morning, he addressed the participants of the Berlin conference, which is dedicated to the reconstruction and modernization of our country. This is already the second such conference, after the Swiss one, which took place in the city of Lugano.

➡️ We are working on obtaining resources for the rapid restoration of our infrastructure, social facilities, housing for Ukrainians. I am grateful to German Chancellor Scholz and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen for making today’s event in Berlin very meaningful. We are waiting for specific decisions. Time cannot be stopped, and winter is near.

➡️ In Croatia, the Crimean Platform started working today – at the parliamentary level. This is an additional and very powerful level of operation of our instrument for the deoccupation and reintegration of Crimea.

➡️ Parliament always embodies democracy, represents different communities of each country. Therefore, when parliaments help to restore territorial integrity, when, thanks to parliamentary cooperation, expert work and exchange of experience can be directed in the right direction, it is very powerful.

➡️ We will definitely liberate Crimea. We will return this part of our country not only to the all-Ukrainian space, but also to the all-European space. This was confirmed again today. And I am grateful to all our partners – which are almost 50 states and international organizations – who help in the parliamentary format.

➡️ Today I held a meeting with representatives of the Jewish community – American, European and, of course, Israeli.

➡️ They talked primarily about the protection of our people, about the need to make Russian terror impossible and to end this war as soon as possible by guaranteeing full security and freedom for all Ukrainians throughout the territory of Ukraine.

➡️ The sooner peace is achieved on our land thanks to the Ukrainian victory, the less evil Russia will have time to bring to other regions, including the Middle East in its partnership with Iran. I believe that one day this position will be heard by Israeli politicians, as Israeli society has already heard – we feel it.

➡️ The protection of historical memory in Ukraine was discussed separately. Despite the war, we must continue to implement our programs that restore historical justice. We started the implementation of an important project commemorating the victims of Nazism – the construction of a memorial in Babi Yar. We will definitely finish.

➡️ Held very meaningful negotiations with the President of Germany, who arrived in Ukraine. Today, President Steinmeier visited Chernihiv Oblast – the districts that were under occupation. An air of anxiety caught him there. And the actual Russian missile terror, the enemy’s use of Iranian drones, was one of the main topics at our negotiations.

➡️ We are very grateful to Germany for the modern and effective air defense system already provided to us. We expect new similar systems.

➡️ We discussed the entire range of our cooperation – defense, political, financial. Much attention was paid to reconstruction – and I am grateful to President Steinmeier for his willingness to personally patronize this work. We will strengthen cooperation with Germany in the field of reconstruction. And at the local government level, it will also receive presidential patronage.

➡️ Spoke with the new British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. I believe that the partnership between our countries and the already traditional British leadership in the defense of democracy and freedom will continue to strengthen.

➡️ Ukraine and Britain have achieved the best relations so far, but we still have the potential to increase our cooperation to bring more benefits to our societies. I invited the Prime Minister to visit Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!

Last modified: 25.10.2022



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